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Christmas Eve

I’ve gotta say, Christmas is my most favourite time of the year! We’ve started a little tradition in our family. We all get together at one person’s house on Christmas Eve, everyone brings a plate. There is more food than you can possibly imagine. Meats, vegetables, breads, salads, sweets, puddings, sides; you name it! We put together a super long table, decorated to the nigh.

Christmas crackers, table runners, beautiful plates and cutlery. Everyone arrives, one by one, we greet each other. Everyone is smiling and talking. We eat our meal, drink our drinks and it’s just wonderful!

What I love most about this is the intimacy. We don’t go out so we can stay at home as late as we like. Everyone gets dressed up and it’s just the most fun.

This year instead of wearing a red or green dress I’ve decided to go for some sparkle! Although, for me, festivity is a must. Therefore I’ll be accessorising my sparkle with pops of red, santa hat included!

What does everyone else get up to on Christmas Eve?

Whatever you do, here’s wishing you a safe and merry time! Love Megs xo