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I’m sure by now you know that I LOVE photography, I actually shoot weddings part time. So I’m someone who has all the professional camera gear, and am capable of taking high quality photos. BUT, it’s hard to get photos of yourself, setting up a tripod and a clicker or timer, and getting good angles and poses is extremely hard when you’re not behind the lens. I wrestled with what I was going to do about a maternity shoot. I didn’t really want to fork out hundreds of dollars to get some taken, especially because I know I have all the gear and, I kind of like my own editing style. LUCKY FOR ME, my beautiful sister-in-law is also SUPER creative, and offered to use our cameras to take some snaps for us, and then I could go about my merry way editing them as I please. I was soooo happy with this, because a) we’re super comfortable around her, so I knew the poses would look super natural and b) because I’m one of those creatives who can be super picky, that we could collaborate and get the right shots exactly how I was imagining them.

And so, here is a little snap at some of my absolute FAVES from our session. We went to two different locations, I wanted one set of¬†maternity pics with a sort of urban feel to them, and the other set with a beautiful, golden hour, romantic feel to them. I’m so so so happy with ALL OF THEM. Honestly, it was so hard to narrow it down to just these few.

The Urban Jungle

The Romantic Forrest

After we shot the urban section, we drove to this gorgeous forrest, where I awkwardly changed into this blue dress. Getting changed in public is hard enough without throwing a pregnancy into the mix! hahah! It was good fun, another reason, I’m SO glad our photographer was my sis-in-law otherwise it would have been suuuuuuper awkward!

ahhh!! I honestly could not be happier!! I’m so glad we made the effort to get these taken, because I’ve truly, truly enjoyed being pregnant, I’ve loved growing this little human and I’m so glad that I’ll forever have these photos to remember this special time in our lives!