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Some of my fave YouTube videos are hauls. I think it’s because I’m so nosy and I love to see what other people are buying. Anyway, I decided to do my own little haul,  but because I’m not a mega-rich famous YouTube star, a haul for me is like 4 items. So I went and saved all of my fave monochrome purchases for little J and included them all in this video below, so now I think it can be justified to be called a “haul” mwhahahah *loophole.


Brands mentioned in video:

[1] LavenderSun

Visit the store here.

I got five gorgeous black onesies, all of them with quirky sayings on them. I love shirts like this, because they are super cute and you can have a lot of fun with them in photos. A

[2] Tipone

Visit the store here.

I am a sucker for anything customised! Tipone makes seriously gorgeous onesies and t-shirts. I am in love with both of these!

[3] Best & Less

Visit the store here.

My go-to store for trendy baby clothes on a budget. I mean $5 pants, you can’t go wrong. It’s nice to stock up on basics from stores like these, because babies grow way too quickly!

[4] Bonds

Visit the store here.

Ahhh, I love me some Bonds! Especially the Zippy Wondersuits. They’re perfect for bedtime becuase they’re warm, and they have feet and hand cuffs that can turn into socks and mittens. I’m in love. The quality is so amazing as well.


Visit the store here.

I found these guys on Insta and I”m obsessed with them. They’re a monochrome basic-wear mama’s dream come true!

[6] Cotton On

Visit the store here.

Because mama deserves some loving too. I recently purchased this oversize sweat and it’s amaze. I feel like it’s the perfect winter lounge wear. It’s super cozy and comfy!