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This is a partnered post written by me, in collaboration with LavenderSun. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I don’t think there are many people out there who would disagree with the statement that babies are just super cute, right?! And I know that us mums, just LOVE to photograph their babies as much as possible (at least I do). Anyone else catch themselves looking at photos of their babies when they’re sleeping. I’m so guilty of this. But lets be honest, photographing insta-worthy pics of our little babes can be super tricky. Often, they don’t cooperate, they’re not in the mood and it can take longer than you thought it would and you both just end up getting frustrated. At least, that’s what I’ve found. So I decided to write up a post about some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the last few months of being an insta-mum.

[1] Use Thoughtful Props

It’s all good and well snapping a picture in the moment, but this post, is all about those staged insta-worthy baby pics. I received 5 gorgeous quirky baby onesies from LavenderSun and decided to use these as my starting point for the following snaps. They all had super cute sayings on them. And I took the sayings into consideration for the picture. For example

Started from the Belly Now I’m Here” Obvs this is a play on the lyrics from Drakes song right, so I got some headphones to use as a prop, because it’s relevant to the theme. I also used an ultrasound picture of J as a prop because that was literally him “in the belly” I think you get where I’m going with this.

Another example is “You are so Loved” I used a rose and a chalkboard love heart to amplify the onesie’s message. You would be surprised with how many props you have just laying around your house. Especially when it comes to babies. A lot of their toys, or cuddly toys, nursery decor can be doubled up as photography props. All you need is a bit of creativity, have fun with it!

[2] Plan and Prepare Beforehand

Don’t ever try to take a insta-photo if you haven’t already got it set up, the baby should literally be the last thing you add to the photo. If you’re trying to get it all set up and entertain baby, it can be stressful for both of you. I like to get my photo set up while little J is sleeping, so that when we’re both ready, all we have to do is pose for the photo, click the camera button (a few times!) and voila, we’re done. I always try to think about the look and feel of the photo before I take it. That way, I know what props to use, where I’m going to take the picture, I can set up the camera on the tripod if needed all in advance. It’s so much easier to do it this way (for me at least).

[3]  All About Timing

Speaking of planning, plan WHEN you are going to take the photo. This point is two-fold. The time of the day is important, because you want to make sure you have enough natural light. But, more importantly, is when in your baby’s routine. If you try to take it before a feed, they might be grumpy, if you do it straight after a feed, it’s very likely that they will spew up on your set-up. I like to time my photos 20-30 mins after a feed. That way little J has a full tummy, a clean bum, and he’s generally quite awake and happy.

I find I get the best smiles then as well. That being said, if you are going for a sleepy baby photo, then you might want to time your picture to right when the bubs has fallen asleep, position them on your set-up, snap your pic and then put them down for the nap. I have given up on sleepy baby photos with J, it was way easier when he was a sleepy newborn. Now he’ll wake if I try to move him, and I prefer to have him sleep in his Nursery in his cot than on a photography set up. SOMETIME I try to snap a million photos and I’m lucky to get a blinking one that just LOOKS like he’s asleep. But that is VERY rare hahah!

[4] Use Music or Toys for Smiles

I find if I’m home alone with bub, that I’ll put on some fun music in the background so that it’s not super quiet. That way I can sing-a-long to the songs and dance, and little J will feed off that energy. Typically you’ll hear me saying things like “Jasper, JAAASPER, JAAAAAAASPER, Where is your smile?! WHERE IS YOUR SMILE! THERE IT ISSSSSS!!! aaaaand click! smile captured! You know your baby best, so you’ll know what makes them smile. If you want them to look in a certain direction, try to dangle a musical toy or rattle in that direction (it really helps to have a second pair of hands for this!)

[5] Add Texture with Rugs, Blankets and Pillows

I find the key to creating depth for insta-worthy baby snaps is to add texture along with the props. Have baby laying on the carpet, but then add a blanket and a few cushions or teddy’s down to create depth.

Try not to overdo it with too many patterns clashing. I’ll often use a pattern and then add two or three neutrals (greys, blacks, whites – for my insta-feed). The different textures of the rugs and blankets really help the picture pop. If you have a baby basket, dockatot or even your change table mat, you can lay your baby in there and then add the texture around them, and tie it all together with a blanket going over the carpet, and then baby. Play around with what works while you are setting up. Take a few practice shots without the baby and look at them on the camera.

[6] Bonus Tip

After you’ve gone through all the effort of setting up your picture, choosing the right props, planning the right time to snap it, make sure you photograph from a few different angles. I find that often what I have in mind looks great, but it’s the pictures and angles that I didn’t plan to take that I love the most. Get closer, move further away, stand on a chair. Try include yourself (hands, feet) do ones without you. The opportunities are endless. Make the most of the photo-op while you have it.

And that is basically it. I gotta say, I’m loving the baby onesies that I got from LavenderSun, they have SO many cute ones to choose from. And they’re great for generating some cool ideas for photos if you’re ever stuck. The quality is great, and I promise, they’re not ALL black and white (I just love the B&W ones, because they match my feed on Instagram).

The Onesies

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Do you have any tips that you use when taking fun pics of Insta? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!