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If you are a mama, have mama friends, or have a clueless partner who could really use some serious hints for what to get you for Christmas, then this post is for you! I threw together a little Christmas gift guide for all us mamas. It has everything you could need from coffee, comfort clothes, self care guides, water bottles and more. I hope you love it, I’ve already sent it to my hubby! Fingers crossed for that Nespresso Machine!

You can find the links to all the items in this Christmas gift guide below for easy shopping! I’ve added 2 bonus items in the list below for you.

gift guide for mom

  1. Novelty Reindeer Gown
  2. Minimalist Tote Bag
  3. Glass Drink Bottle
  4. Jimmy Choo Floral
  5. Mini Bar Tote Clips 
  6. Me Time Book
  7. Nespresso Latissima One
  8. Fitbit Versa
  9. Hello Coffee Tshirt
  10. Door Mat
  11. BONUS: You’ve got this mama Coffee Mug 
  12. BONUS: Mask Toilet / Room Sprays 

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope whatever you get, that you feel loved and spoiled because you sure as heck deserve it mama!