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I can’t believe that it has been one whole month since our little Kady made her (early) arrival into our world! On the one hand, the time has really flown by, but on the other, it feels like it has been a very long 4 weeks, especially the nights!

I remember that the time with Jasper just flew by, and a lot of it, is a total blur. Well this time round I wanted to make sure, while I can, or should I say if I find the time, to try and document her while she is still tiny, while she is still a bug eyed newborn and as she starts to grow into the amazing human that I know she’ll be.

So how it is going?

Truth be told, it’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be. My memory of Jasper was that he was so easy and super textbook, even though I am sure that is not the case. I think with Jasper I had no expectations, and I could literally nap when he napped. This time round, I am physically and mentally exhausted, not being able to rest during the day, because I have a super active toddler has been a bit challenging, and I feel guilty, selfish and ashamed for saying it, but I am really thankful for my 2 days a week when he is at daycare.

All that being said, Kady is a pretty amazing little newborn, we had a little scare in the hospital, which saw her being admitted to the special care nursery because she swallowed quite a bit of blood during birth. Once we got home, I struggled a bit with breastfeeding, she wasn’t really loving it, and was struggling to latch. I also had an oversupply which meant that she was drowning in my milk. That has all eased up now and she is feeding like an absolute champ! I am so proud of her. I have been pumping and introduced the bottle way quicker this time than I did with Jasp, but it has meant that hubby has been able to help with the night feedings which has been wonderful.

She also had her nights and days mixed up and was struggling to stay awake during the day, but wanted to be up partying all night – we are slowly getting there and she’s becoming more alert during the day, I am just loving seeing her big blue eyes take in the world.

What is it like with two?

Jasper has been a superstar, he freaking ADORES Kady, I genuinely thought there would be some resentment or hesitation towards her, but he has welcomed her into our family and absolutely smothers her with love. He asks to hold her, he kisses her, he throws dummies at her when she is crying and says things like “it’s ok baby”

I was not expecting my love for Jasper to grow, but gosh, seeing him like this with her has honestly melted my heart. I am so proud of the little human he is becoming!

I am kind of looking forward to Kady getting a bit bigger and the feed times stretching out, as special as it is, it is really exhausting feeding every 3 hours, especially when instead of putting on one of my favourite TV shows to pass the time, I am putting on an annoying kid friendly YouTube video to keep Jasper entertained (swore I’d never be THAT mum, but hey, I judged way too quickly and totally get it now that I have my own kids!)

To sum it up…

It’s been a whirlwind of a month, definitely a bit more challenging than I was expecting, but also so rich and life-giving. I am so grateful to have 2 happy, healthy babes, and it is an absolute privilege that I get to be their mama. I am so thankful for my incredible village, because honestly I don’t think I could do this alone. My hubby, sister, mama and parent-in-laws have all been absolute legends and helped me, even just to let me take a shower. I am looking forward to Kady growing and getting to know her. I can’t wait to see if she’ll be just like her brother or if she’ll have a completely different personality to him.