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I am so excited to announce the launch of Megzie Gives Back. I have been wanting to support more small businesses, espeically this year because it has been so difficult for all of us. If I could afford it, I would buy from all the crazy talented biz owners out there, seriously, I get so inspired seeing everyone chasing their dreams and building their empires.

So as another way of supporting small, I decided to launch MGB. It’s basically a monthly giveaway, limited to a handful of small businesses and the hope is that it will help extend reach, find new customers and give back to the amazing Instagram community that supports us all.

I love the idea of making a mums day by gifting her with some amazing products made my other mums who truly understand how tough motherhood can be.

What are the Benefits?

Reach the Right Audience

My thoughts are that each giveaway will be limited to brands that operate within the motherhood and children industries. This will help us all to share our audiences and reach more potential customers through relevant niche targeting.

Easy to Enter

Each giveaway will be limited to a handful of brands, this means they are easy to enter as entrants are not required to follow loads and loads of accounts.

Fuss Free Coordination

I want to go out of my way to take care of everything. Imagery, wording, hashtags, I will do it all. I will also coordinate all the communication so there is no confusion. I have a fair system for selecting the winners and organising their prize redemption.

Boost Engagement

Ahh the dreaded engagment, something we all struggle with. Giveaway posts require entrants to comment, tag, save and share your post. This means that the post will rank high in terms of engagement which ultimately gets your account in front of more people.

Cost Effective

There is no additional cost to be invovled. All I ask of each business that participates, is that they provide a product or voucher from their store to give to the winner when the giveaways closes. In my experience, a generous donation in product or store credit is often more appealing to entrants and followers which is why the minimum value to participate is $75. However, I ask if you can, and are willing to offer more, that is highly encouraged and appreciated.

Network and Make Friends

Each giveaway is hosted by several brands. This means you’ll get to network with other small business owners in your industry (never your competitors). After the giveaway has ended, you can also introduce yourself to all your new followers and build those genuine connections.


If you are a business in the motherhood and child niche I’d love to hear from you. You can find out more below and get in touch to register your interest. Cheers to growing our businesses together babes!