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Kady’s arrival into the world was quick and a lot earlier than we expected! I didn’t have much time (or energy) to make any changes to our existing Nursery. It was pretty gender neutral being monochrome anyway, do you guys remember it? Check it out here. 

I have never been a big lover of colour, but when Kady arrived Earthside, there was a part of me that suddenly wanted more pinks and neutral tones instead of just black and white.

Slowly but surely I started adding some more browns and neutrals into her room. I just thought yay I can finally do a boho nursery for a girl!

I started by drawing the prints that you see, I am loving the boho llama vibe at the moment, so that is what I kept in mind when choosing pieces for her room.

It still needs….

There are still a few things I’d LOVE to get for her room such as Rattan Hangers, a better lamp, an Ikea Pendant Lamp and also one of those cute roof canopy tent things. Oh, and I’d also love to get rid of the black triangles and get some more girly wall decals.

But these will have to wait, 2020 has been a rough year!

What I love most

Some of my FAVOURITE pieces in her room are the Kikadu Llama Mobile and Llama Pompom and Tassel Garland. I am obsessed and Kady plays and interacts with them all the time.

I also adore the Boho Rainbow from A Little Ray of Sunshine. I think it compliments her room so beautifully.

I will link all the pieces below if anyone is interested in where they are from!

I’d love to hear your thoughts! It definitely an upgrade from the old monochrome room.

Where everything is from


  • Yellow chair, wall shelves, rattan mirror, drawers, cot, nappy organisers 


  • llama cushion, white cactus, pink rainbow vase, llama artificial pot, bow organiser, llama books, Wall Print Frames, Cross wall hooks, white rug

Kikadu / Axis Toys 


  • wooden rainbow mobile 

Hello Fern 

  • Your Story baby book, Kady Anne Name plaque, Welcome Plaque 

Megzie Makes 

  • Boho Nursery Wall prints 

CMC Gold 

  • Wooden custom name brush 


  • Baby Ring Sling (braideD) 


  • change mat strap