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The easiest way to stay consistent with your content marketing strategy is to batch create your work. This will save you hours of time and free you up to focus on growing your business.


Put simply, it is taking a task, breaking it down into smaller steps and batching those steps in one go.

Let’s look at planning content for Instagram. It is made up of a few “mini” tasks such as:

  • Planning topics
  • Taking or sourcing the photos and graphics
  • Writing the captions
  • Researching Hashtags

When you batch create, instead of doing all 4 tasks for 1 post, you plan ahead and schedule a time to do all the mini-tasks for multiple posts.


When you batch create content, you save yourself time, become more efficient and can hone in on the things that move the needle in your business.

Once you’ve batch created your content for the week or month, it’s DONE. You can forget about it and move onto other tasks in your business that need your attention. No more nagging thoughts of “what am I going to post on Instagram today” or “I need to write a blog post for next week” You’ll feel motivated and ready to tackle all of your big goals.

You can start to look ahead, with a strategy and a plan.


how to batch create content


Before you start, you need to know exactly what content you are going to batch create. EG Instagram Posts, Reels, Blog Posts, Podcasts etc.

For example, I personally take a batching approach to tasks such as Instagram content and blog posts. The majority of my work comes through Instagram, so it’s a huge needle mover in my business.

Batching these tasks ensures that I am always showing up and serving my audience with clarity and value.


Write down all the steps that go into a process.

For example, there are a lot of steps that go into planning Instagram posts, Reels and Blog Posts.

Let’s look at a Reel

  • Brainstorm topics
  • Source Audio
  • Plan out the video (outfits, transitions, locations etc)
  • Film the Reel
  • Edit the final cut
  • Add text to video
  • Write a caption to go with the Reel
  • Research Hashtags

Once you have a list of mini-tasks like this, you can start to plan out how you are going to batch.

For example, if Monday is your batching day for Reels. The first Monday, you might set aside time to brainstorm topics for a month worth of Reels, source the audio and plan out each Reel. The following Monday you’d film and edit all of the Reels, and the next Monday you’d write your caption and hashtags.

For my Instagram content, I set aside a day a month to plan out all of my Posts, Reels, Stories and Blog Posts. Then each week, I break down the mini-tasks and get things done for the following week.


How to batch create your contentHere is where you make a plan, and stick to it. Plan out exactly WHAT you need to do, and WHEN you are going to do it. This part is probably the hardest, as it takes practice and getting used to. But once you find your groove, it becomes second nature.

I like to use tools such as Trello to help me visualize what tasks I am going to do on what days.

Look at your calendar, do you have any upcoming launches, special days or events happening in your business? You can start to plan your content around these key events.


This is where most people fail – it’s the following through and actually getting done what you have planned to do. Once you’ve batched and scheduled your first month of content, you’ll feel like a total BOSS. You’ll have time to focus on future projects and tasks because you have freed up so much time.

All you need to do is look at your calendar, what tasks need to be done, remove distractions and commit to following through with the tasks.


When you batch create content, it frees up your time and allows you to become extremely strategic with your business.

Every post that you plan will have a purpose and intention behind it.

EG if you have a launch coming up,  you can start to plan posts that hint about something exciting, bringing your followers on an intentional and strategic journey with you.

Batching your content will help you to become more efficient in your business. You’ll have time to plan, dream big, follow through and grow.