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If you want to learn how to use all of Instagram features for business, you are in the right place! Read on!

instagram features for business


Instagram has gone a little crazy over the last 2 years. From a photo sharing platform to a plethora of updates, features and glitches.

Fear not, this is good news for us business owners.

It means there there are many ways to serve your audience, attract new customers and make more sales on Instagram.

Let’s break down each feature, and some best practices for businesses.

colourful aesthetic product photography for skincare brand ignite bodycare. Product Photography by Colourpop StuidoBio + Feed:

AKA your business card.

Here, you want to tell people who you are, what you do and how they can do business with you.

Ensure you use keywords in your username and name field – as these are searchable.

Make sure you offer value in every post to serve your audience and attract more customers.

Pinned Posts:

Use Pinned Posts as an extension of your bio. Here you want to have a post that introduces yourself and your business.

Other posts that you can pin can include announcements, workshops, sales, giveaways, competitions, freebies and high performing posts.

Read this blog post for more info on Pinned posts.


Showcase in detail what your business does and what people can expect on your page if they follow you.

Be sure to include a clear call to action.


Use stories to build trust and likeability.

Be authentic in stories and take people behind the scenes of your business.


Build 1:1 relationships and sell by offering your products or services as the solution to a problem


Currently, the best way to grow your following.

If you stick to your niche, entertain and serve, you will attract people who are more likely to become customers.

Video & Lives:

Establish yourself as an industry expert by creating videos and lives that teach and serve your audience.
Collab with other accounts in your niche to cross-pollinate your audience and help you grow.


Clean Aesthetic product photos for bath soak brand bath rehab. Styled Product Stills by Colourpop Studio


I know Instagram can be overwhelming and disheartening at times.

However, if you forget about vanity metrics such as comments, likes and shares and focus 100% on serving your audience with helpful, inspiring and entertaining content, I guarantee you’ll build a loyal community. One that is eager to hear from you and buy from you!

How do you use Instagram for business? Try to avoid the mindless scrolling, and start focussing on creating content for each of these features.