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how to get found on instagram using seo by colourpop studioBut first, what is SEO and how can you use it to get found on Instagram?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Essentially, it’s getting smart about the words you use on your website (and now Instagram) so that when people search those words, you appear 😂

Up until recently, the only way to “search” on Instagram was through hashtags.

But that’s all changed. Instagram is now “search enabled” Which means it is now easier to get found on Instagram.

What does this mean for you?

The algorithm is now able to use keywords to bring your content to people who are searching for it!

How cool is that? 😌

8 ways to use SEO on Instagram

cute pink and playful product photos for face mask brand sisters and me. Styled product stills by colourpop studioDid you know, that there are a few ways you can optimise your profile to help you reach more customers?

👉🏼 include keywords in captions

Keywords are the words people might use to search for you. Your captions should include keywords that are relevant to your business as well as the image you are posting about.

👉🏼Add alt text with keywords

You can add alt text to your images before you post, or you can edit a post and then tap on “add alt text” Be sure to describe the photo using keywords.

👉🏼Pin comments that include keywords

Pinned comments are so under-appreciated and under-used. If someone comments with a keyword in your niche, PIN IT! This helps the algorithm to understand more about what the post and your account is about.

👉🏼Use relevant hashtags with keywords

Don’t just copy and paste the same 30 hashtags each post – Instagram does not like this.

Use hashtags that are relevant to the post, and then to your account. There is some debate about how many hashtags to use. The best advice I can give is test the waters for your account. For some people 3-5 work great, others prefer all 30.

👉🏼location hashtags

On the topic of hashtags, be sure to use location-specific ones too. Eg #australianskincare or #perthskincare Doing this will make it easier for your local customers to find you.

👉🏼location tags

The same note as above, be sure to add a geo-tag to each post so that your local customers can find you.

👉🏼Add keywords to your username and description

Your Instagram name AND your bio description are SEARCHABLE. Make sure you include your name and what it is that you do! Eg mine is

Megs | Product Photographer

👉🏼Be consistent with your niche

If you are a skincare brand, make sure you post about skincare. That is why people follow you, if you start posting lunch flat lays or motherhood and kid posts, people (and the algorithm) will get confused

So there you have it – did you know you could do all of this to make your Instagram account more searchable?

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