Lifestyle and models.

This if if you want your products photographed on location and with models


Bold lifestyle product photos for a clay mask brand. Styled product photos by Megzie Makes

01. People Connect with People

When you welcome your customers into a story that involves your products, it helps them to connect with, and imagine your products in their own lives. Models can give your brand and products a personality that makes it easier for your ideal audience to connect with.

Pink model product photos for a clay mask brand. Styled product photos by Megzie Makes

02. It’s great for social media content

Do you ever feel stuck for what to post on Instagram? Product only photos are great, but they don’t always tell the whole story. When you add a face, a real-life human, in a real-life setting, using your products, it is so much more engaging and welcoming.

Bold lifestyle product photos for a clay mask brand. Styled product photos by Megzie Makes

03. Give your website and marketing a refresh

I take high-quality professional photos that can be used on all mediums and platforms. You can use your images to give your website a facelift, or you can use them for your print and marketing materials. Images can also be used for online advertising, your emails, and any other marketing strategies that you have in place. This means that you can use the images over and over and get maximum value from them.


Can you source models for me?

Yes, absolutely! We have access to a wide network of models that will inject a bunch of personality into your photos. Once we find out what the look and feel of your shoot is, we’ll start scouting the right person for your brand.

How do we source a location?

If you’re unsure of a location, we can definitely source one for you. Once we understand more about the kind of shoot you’re after, we can start the location search. Whether you’re after a house, beach, warehouse or studio (for a plain backdrop) we can make a plan.

I am not based near you, can I still hire you?

Yes! One of my favourite things about what I do is that it can be done remotely. I have clients from all over the country and am excited to work with international brands as well. I can send you live updates of model and location shoots so that you’re included on the day!

Who pays for the models and locations?

All model and location fees will be in addition to our Product Photography service.

How do you send the products back to us when you are done?

Once I have finished shooting your products, I will post them back to you, at your cost. If you do not want your items returned please let me know.

How will I receive the images?

I use an online gallery called Pixiset to send over your images. You will receive them as high res jpegs ready to use. I can also provide them at a lower resolution so that they are web optimised.

What are your turnaround times?

My standard turnaround is 7-14 business days from the time of the shoot. Depending on the complexity of the setup, this may vary. Express turn around times are available, please contact me if this is something you require.

Get the ball rolling!

I get quite a few enquiries, DMs and emails. Between admin, shoots and editing, l will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours, but please don’t be offended if it takes a wee bit longer!

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