1:1 Photography Coaching

If you're craving growth for your photography biz or simply need a biz bestie to bounce ideas off, I'm your go-to gal!


01. Starting out & Building Foundations

  • You’re a total newbie, hungry to establish your business with solid systems, pricing strategies, and a streamlined workflow.
  • You’re seeking guidance on setting up essential business elements, understanding pricing models, and organising efficient workflows to kickstart a thriving biz

02. Experienced, Yet Struggling to Break Through

  • You’ve been around the block, honing your craft, but hitting roadblocks in acquiring new clients, generating leads, or reaching the next income level.
  • You’re in need of strategies to boost visibility, attract ideal clients, and elevate your business to surpass current income barriers.

03. Seasoned Pro on the Brink of Burnout

  • You’re a seasoned pro, having achieved success, but feeling the weight of burnout and longing to free up time.
  • You’re seeking tips on outsourcing, scaling your business, and reclaiming time for more creativity or personal pursuits by streamlining operations.

I totally get it....

I bet you are a creative soul, like me, who is passionate about capturing picture perfect images. Photos that you KNOW will make you’re clients heart skip a beat.

The problem is, running a photography business is SO MUCH MORE than capturing perfect images.

Suddenly you find yourself bogged down in day-to-day business tasks that make you want to pull your hair out!

You’re either stressed about finding your next client, overwhelmed with all the marketing and admin work or just flat out burnt out from wearing ALL THE HATS (been there)

As someone who has gone from eating beans for dinner and questioning my photography life choices, to growing a successful and thriving six-figure business, I want to help YOU do the same.

I’ve made every mistake in the book, and have spent countless hours, refining my pricing, operations, marketing and systems so that I have more time to breathe and do the things that I am passionate about (isn’t that why you stared your biz too?)

How it works.


Once you’re booked in, you will receive an intake form to fill out. This isn’t your typical paperwork; it’s our guide to dive deep into your biz nuances, challenges, and aspirations. Your struggles will become the blueprint for our call so we can map out a path to reaching your goals.


During our 60-minute session, no stone remains unturned. Ask anything you like; this is your space. We’ll brainstorm strategies, workshop solutions and  and help point you in the right direction so that you leave full of actionable ideas that will move the needle in your biz. 


Our journey doesn’t end with “goodbye.” You’ll receive a custom-tailored follow-up resource pack loaded with arsenal of tools, templates and tips. Consider it your personalised toolkit to implement, execute and conquer everything we’ve discussed – your roadmap to success! 


What exactly is 1:1 photography coaching?

1:1 photography coaching is a personalised mentoring experience tailored specifically to your needs and goals as a photographer. It’s a focused session where you receive guidance, strategies, and support to enhance your photography skills, grow your business, or overcome specific challenges you’re facing in the industry.

How is coaching different from a regular photography class or workshop?

Coaching offers personalised attention and strategies crafted uniquely for you. Unlike a class or workshop, coaching focuses on your individual needs, challenges, and goals. It’s a more intimate, one-on-one experience where you receive direct guidance and solutions tailored to your specific situation.

What can I expect from a coaching session?

During a coaching session, you can expect in-depth discussions, brainstorming, and actionable advice specific to your business or photography journey. We’ll dive into your challenges, set clear goals, develop strategies, and provide practical solutions to help you progress and achieve your objectives.

How many coaching sessions do I need?

The number of sessions can vary based on your goals and the complexity of the challenges you’re facing. Some clients find value in a single session to tackle a specific issue, while others prefer a series of sessions for ongoing support and guidance as they grow their business. If you’d like multiple sessions, please reach out and we can arrange a package to suit your needs.

Is coaching suitable for beginners, or is it more for experienced photographers?

Coaching is beneficial for photographers at any level. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance on foundational aspects or an experienced photographer looking to scale your business, coaching can be tailored to your specific needs and level of expertise.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching is ideal if you’re looking for personalised guidance, actionable strategies, and accountability to achieve your photography goals. If you’re seeking targeted solutions to overcome challenges, refine your skills, or grow your business, coaching could be a perfect fit for you.

My niche is different from your niche, can you still coach me?

Absolutely! My coaching isn’t limited by niche boundaries. With over 7 years of experience in various photography realms—from families, births, weddings to branding and beyond—I’ve worked across diverse niches and industries. This wide-ranging experience allows me to understand the nuances and challenges that come with different photography specialties. Rest assured, my coaching focuses on leveraging this diverse background to tailor strategies that align with your unique needs and aspirations, regardless of your specific niche or industry.

I'm not based near you, can we still work together?

Absolutely! My coaching sessions are designed to be flexible and accessible, regardless of geographical location. All coaching is done via video conferencing. Distance is not a barrier—we can collaborate effectively to address your photography challenges, set goals, and strategise for your business growth, no matter where you are located.

What is the cost for 1:1 coaching?

The cost for 1:1 coaching sessions is $350 Australian dollars. This investment covers our tailored coaching session focused on your specific photography business needs, challenges, and goals. During our session, we’ll delve into strategies and solutions crafted uniquely for you to kick those goals!

Do you offer refunds for coaching sessions?

Unfortunately, due to the personalised nature of the coaching work and the commitment involved in tailoring strategies specifically for your business, I do not offer refunds for coaching sessions. However, my goal is to ensure your utmost satisfaction with the coaching experience. If you have any concerns or issues, please feel free to discuss them with me, and I’ll do my best to address them to ensure you get the most out of our sessions.

Ready to jump in?

Ready to level up your photography biz? 

Get ready to deep dive into your goals, challenges and brainstorm strategies and systems tailored to you and your biz.

Here’s what you’ll get 

  • Pre-call intake form to help me understand the ins and outs of your biz
  • 1 x 60 minute video chat where we’ll chat about
    • personalised strategies for your photography biz growth
    • targeted solutions for your specific challenges and hurdles
    • actionable steps to elevate your brand and reach your goals
  • a roadmap to fuel your success
  • A personalised tool-kit emailed to you after our session jam packed with resources that you can use to reach your goals and keep you accountable

All for just $350

Level Up, Book Now for $350