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This is a partnered post written by me, in collaboration with Milky Goodness. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I am loving breastfeeding, but it is exhausting. And it can be stressful sometimes not knowing if you have enough supply to keep your little one sustained. Enter lactation granola! It is basically the breasfeeding mothers dream breakfast. It’s healthy, sugar free, packed full of berries and nuts, as well as the natural galactagogues that can help & assist with milk production.

Now, I have been trying to eat less dairy (dairy isn’t super ideal when breastfeeding, because it can cause bubs to have an upset tummy), so mixing this granola into my usual big bowl of yoghurt was no longer an option. So I decided to make a berry smoothie bowl! It’s been ages since I made one of these, and oh my (milky) goodness, it was AMAZE – see what I did there; hahaha.



Frozen strawberries, red grapes, blueberries, beetroot, spinach
2 tsp greek yoghurt
1 banana
Handful of fresh strawberries
Berry-Nice Lactation Granola
Handful of chopped almonds
1 tsp chia seeds


Step 1

In a blender combine all of the frozen fruit and the greek yoghurt.
Mix in some water, but not too much as you want the consistency to be thick. Almost as though it was sorbet.
Set aside (preferably in the freezer) while you prepare the smoothie bowl toppings.

 Step 2

Cut up the banana into relatively thin slices.
Chop up the strawberries into whatever size you prefer, remove the stem.

Step 3

Pour the smoothie into a bowl. Add the toppings on the top, snap a pic for instagram and ENJOY!

Seriously, so yummy and even better knowing that it’s both healthy AND helping keep your supply game strong! Win win I say!