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So a couple of weekends ago my hubby, Jasper and I went on a lil road trip (with D’s parents and sister and her hubby). It was Japsers first ever road trip, and the first time that he had slept overnight in a place other than the hospital or his home. So we were a bit nervous about how he’d do, but needless to say, he did amazing. We are heading to NZ in a few months to visit family over there, so this was like our trial run.

I definitely overpacked. I brought things like his play mat, a whole box full of toys, a huge blanket for him to play on, his ingenuity chair the list goes on and on and on. Because it was a road trip, i felt like I could bring more things, I definitely wouldn’t bring as many toys or blankets if we were going on a plane.

Where We Stayed

Okay, first things first, lets talk about the accomodation – the fancy apartment called BridgePoint. Actually, rather, let’s not, these pictures will do al the talking. This apartment was THE SHIZ. Like it seriously has me wanting to either move or redo my whole house. I used to think my house had pretty good natural light…. NOT ANYMORE!

What we got up to

Mandurah has a really nice boardwalk with heaps of cool restaurants and shops.  We spent the majority of our time at Dolphin Quay (no we didn’t see any dolphins, but I’ve heard there are heaps!) We ate all the good food, and there were these super cute markets there too, with heaps of quirky handmade goodies. If hubby wasn’t around, I probably would’ve gone nuts and bought everything! Especially that giant black clock with the big numbers (even though I have a perfectly good giant black clock at home).

Fathers Day

The main reason we went away was to celebrate Fathers Day. It was so nice! I totally spoiled Driks, cus you know, it’s his first Fathers Day ever! He’s been really keen to take little J to the waterpark so I got J the cutest swimsuit from Cotton On Kids. After we opened some presents in the morning, and little J had his nap, we went out for Brunch. It was pretty crazy and almost everywhere was full. But we got lucky and scored a table (without a reservation) at D’lights cafe. I got pancakes, with strawberries and a side of bacon – mmmmMMM! Then we came back to the apartment and just chilled and played cards and I snapped more photos of my baby, cus I’m totally THAT mum now.

Gaah it was just so perfect! If I’m being totally honest (and I’m sure you can see from the last few pics above), I basically just did little mini photoshoots with Jasper! Sorry not sorry! He’s able to sit by himself now, and the lighting in that house was just perfection! I really need to up my game at home…!!

In general, I’d say Jasp did pretty good! He took a little bit of time to adjust to sleeping in a different room in  a different cot, but he did amazing! He was super chilled and happy to just play with his toys on the rug. I definitely used things like his porta chair, toy box, food, pram, nappy bag etc! I’ll have to figure out how to pack less for our next trip to Melbourne and New Zealand. (I definitely brought way too many clothes for J) but you never know when you’re gonna have a poo explosion on your hands, so I’d rather have been safe than sorry! and clothes definitely don’t take up too much room.

I’m getting super excited about our next trip! woohoo!