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I have been meaning to share this post FOREVER!! I was actually waiting for the change table mat to arrive, because I’m a procrastinator, and left it super last minute. And then when I went to purchase it, out of stock. So then I had to order it, and bloody baby arrived before said change table. ANYWAY, I DIGRESS. It arrived, and I’ve finally settled into the crazy world that is motherhood, and I found some time, in between feeds, diaper changes and laundry, to snap some pics of Jasper’s nursery.

I absolutely love this room. I went for a simple monochrome look & feel and I feel like it suits us perfectly.

The room that we chose for the nursery is SUPER small, so it was really important for me to have as little furniture as possible, so that it didn’t feel crowded, cluttered and even smaller than what it is.

All I basically have on the floor, is the cot, a chest of drawers, which doubles as a change table, and a feeding rocking chair. Plus the laundry basket, toy basket and the lamp table.

The rocking chair, is that super cheap one from Aldi. I got up mega early and queued up outside the store to be sure I could get my hands on one of them – massive thanks to hubby for helping me with this one. I love it, it looks great. That being said, I’m not super happy with how easy (or not so easy) it rocks. I’m contemplating getting a more practical chair in this room, but we’ll see – I do love the look and feel of this one. Oh also, my sis-in-law made me this awesome Baby Cronje throw pillow, HOW CUTE IS IT!

The peg board on the wall is from Kmart, and I just put a bunch of bits and bobs on it. Me and the hubs are super into techy stuff like photography and the latest iPhones, so it only made sense to give the little guy his own wooden versions of our favourite gadgets!

I’ve organised all of baby’s clothes in the drawers using those collapsable box things that you get from Ikea. I love how easily they fit into the drawers and it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for, thanks to a folding method I found on good old Pinterest.

I’d seen a few drawings, like the below, on Pinterest, and I fell in love with them. I decided to draw my own versions. Both the hubs and I were born in South Africa. He grew up here, in Australia, and I grew up in Hong Kong. So the Zebra represents Jasper’s South African heritage, the Koala represents his Australian, and the Panda is an ode to my background in Hong Kong. I’m super happy with them, and I love that he has artwork on his walls that have special symbolic meaning.

We added some shelves to the built in wardrobe, and are using this for storage for things like diaper boxes, blankets, wipes, books and large toys. It’s nice to have a place for these bulky items thats both easily accessible but also nicely hidden.

And that’s it! Jasper is yet to spend a night in this room, as he’s still sleeping in his bassinet in our room because I’m breastfeeding and it just makes sense to have him close by for the middle of the night feeds, at least for the start.

I seriously love this room so much, and had so much fun putting it together while I was still pregnant with J. It was fun to decorate it, whilst thinking about what he would look like, and the thought of him actually being here was super exciting.

I still can’t believe that he’s actually here! eeeee!