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pinned posts on instagram - three things to grow your following


Instagram recently announced the ability to pin 3 posts to the top of your feed. This is fantastic for business owners because it means you have control over what the first 3 posts of your feed will be.

Think of it like an extension of your Bio section – just another way for new followers to get to know you, and decide if they want to follow you.

So, here are 3 important things you should know!

  1. How to pin to your profile
  2. What NOT to pin
  3. Important Reels detail for Pinned Posts

First up, how to pin a post (2 ways)

1. On your home feed, hard press on the post you want to pin and select > Pin to profile

2. Tap onto the post you want to pin, then tap the “…” on the top right-hand corner and select > Pin to your profile

You can unpin a post doing the exact same steps except selecting “Unpin From Profile”

Pinned Posts on Instagram tutorial

Secondly, what NOT to pin

Avoid pinning posts that are outdated or irrelevant.

  • Old Sales or Giveaways
  • Viral Reels that are trending but don’t offer value

For example, my most viral reel was a birthday one I posted last year. This isn’t relevant to what I do or how I help people. Pinning it would confuse new audiences.

Remember, your pinned posts should be valuable and in line with your niche.

colourful aesthetic product photography for skincare brand ignite bodycare. Product Photography by Colourpop StuidoThird, Important Reels Tip for Pinned Posts

While you CAN pin Reels, the reel needs to be on your home page for it to work.

So if you remove a reel from your feed, it’ll be removed from your pinned posts too.

Bonus: 8 ideas for Pinned Posts

If you’re unsure of what to pin, here are 8 ideas to get you started.

1. Introduction post (who you are, what you sell, something interesting about your biz or yourself)

2. Any current promotions or offers

3. Any freebies that you have

4. Giveaway posts (be sure to unpin once the giveaway ends)

5. Teaser content to build hype for new products or services

6. Information for any events, workshops or webinars you may be hosting

7. Your most engaged post (ensuring that it is RELEVANT to your biz)

8. Your best performing Reel (ensuring that it is RELEVANT to your biz)

If you haven’t pinned posts to your feed, be sure to add that to your to do list this week!

Remember, Instagram LOVES it when we embrace new features!)