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If you are an e-commerce business, learning how to create hype around new products is a crucial marketing tool.

When you create hype, it will help to:

– create excitement and buzz around new products or services
– include your audience in the process
– start making sales immediately (hello pre-orders!)

Here are 5 Instagram hype strategies that you can use for your next launch

how to create hype on instagram for your next product launch

1. Teaser images

Show your audience your new product without actually showing them. Share sneak peaks and little easter eggs. This helps people become invested. Humans are nosy by nature, so if you tease and tempt we naturally want to learn more! Click here to see an example! 

2. Competition

Host a competition on Instagram allowing your audience to win the new product or service. A great way to do this is to have them guess what they think it is that you’ll be launching.

3. Countdown posts

These are great to remind your audience that something is coming. They can be super simple such as an Instagram countdown timer in your stories, or a feed post that reads 5 days to go, 4 days until, 3 days left etc.

Minimal Product Photography for a False Lash Brand. Styled Product Stills by Colourpop Studio. Minimal Summer Styled Product Photos


Go life to your audience and talk about the new products and release date. You could even hold a q&a and do a live giveaway or special discount code for those that attended the live. Be sure to promote the live to ensure that people know what to expect if they join.

5. Use stories to create hype and share BTS

Show sneak peaks of what you’re up to in your stories. Invite your customers along the journey. – eg we are going fabric shopping for our new product, or we’re finalising designs on our new label etc etc

People love to get involved and feel like they are a part of the process.

Be sure to allow up to 6 weeks for your hype campaign! And make sure you are utilizing other marketing methods such as email marketing, Facebook, word of mouth and more.

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